Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Below are answers to the most common questions regarding the site. If your question isn't listed here, then don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at;

Q- Im not sure how the Gig Search Boxes work.
A You can type as much or as little info as you like into the boxes.  We recommend that you add just one field initially, e.g.  Band, to see how it works.  If you were to type in Black in the band search box, for example, it will return all gigs by Black Sabbath, Black Crowes and any others such as Black Lace!  You can then filter it further by adding other criteria such as City.


Q I cant find a particular band or gig Im looking for.
A This could be because its not on our database or your search criteria may have filtered it out.  Try filling out fewer boxes and check your spelling. If you are searching a venue in the USA, use Theater (instead of Theatre) and Center (instead of Centre).

Q In the Gig Search Boxes I've typed in the venue but it doesn't return any gig results.
A Lots of venues change their name over time and we have tried to include all variants.  Try typing in less of the venue name.  e.g. For the Cruzan/Sound Advice/Mars/Coral Sky Amphitheater try typing Cruzan or Coral Sky.  Alternatively if you know the City do a search for that, leaving the Venue box blank, and then find your gig from the generated list.  If you are searching for a venue in the USA, use Theater (instead of Theatre) and Center (instead of Centre).  For the Rest of the World, use Theatre and Centre.


Q I tried creating a new gig but it said I hadn't added enough information.
A Ensure you have filled out all the mandatory fields and after selecting a band, ensure you click on the 'Add to Gig List' button before selecting the rest of the gig info.


Q - I'm trying to Create a New Gig but I can't find the Venue, City, Area or Country that I want.

A - If you can't find any of the above you will need to click on the 'New Venue' button to the right.


Q I added my 1st photo but I can't see it.  It doesn't seem to have saved.
A Make sure you have clicked on the 'Save' button which is just below and to the right of your image.

Q I added more photos (after my 1st) but I can't see them.

A All new photos (apart from your first) need to be approved before being visible.  We aim to approve them within 24 hours. 


Q I created a new gig but it isnt displayed yet.
A All new gig requests are approved before being visible on the site.  We aim to approve them within 24 hours.


Q How do I embed a video from YouTube?

A Copy the embed code from YouTube and paste it into 'Backstage Banter' on the specific gig page.  We don't host any videos ourselves.

Q The layout of the site looks a bit strange on my computer!
A This is probably down to your browser.  If using Internet Explorer, we recommend using version 7 or higher.

Q Id like to add a lot of gigs by a band but I dont want to type them in individually.  Can I submit them another way?
A Yes, wed love to have as many bands and gigs as possible on the site.  Click here to download this Excel spreadsheet template that you need to follow to submit gigs and email it to