Deep Purple - Knebworth House Grounds, Knebworth, Stevenage
(22nd Jun 1985)



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Mark 5 - Gillan, Blackmore, Glover, Paice, Lord
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Knebworth House Grounds
Knebworth, Stevenage

Ross Black
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Ant McNulty
Ant McNulty (Posted 2 years ago)
Arrived at 2.00pm after hitching from Newcastle at 1.00am. Scorpions brilliant. Purple good but Ian couldn't hit high notes. Got home a t 3.00pm Sunday afternoon. A long weekend but great memories.
Steve K
Steve K (Posted 7 years ago)
A Fabulous day all round. I remember getting soaked between Scorpions and Purple, but from memory it wasn't too bad the rest of the time. Was on a trip from Belfast and we missed Alaska and Mountain, but enjoyed all the other bands.
Russ Marquis
Russ Marquis (Posted 7 years ago)
I remember going to this on my motorbike and the day starting off ok. It just got wetter and colder until Scorpions, then the sun came out, then it just got wetter and colder again. Managed most of Purples set but just gave up in the end, still, I was there!!!
Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 7 years ago)
Great recolllection Carl! Now you mention it, I remember Janice Long coming on and getting absolutely pelted with bottles! The centre PA stack was really impressive. I was near the right so got Blackmore's solo coming from 3 different places. I hope Paul has since learnt how to go around roundabouts!
Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson (Posted 7 years ago)
I just remember 10 hours of rain. I'd taken a waterproof but that was soaking half way through the day. We were throwing bottles at Meatloaf and i seem to recall Janice Long coming on stage and asking the crowd to stop throwing things..which resulted in more. I also recall that there was supposed to be the biggest ever PA in Europe at the time 10 million watts I think. The centre stack wasn't used all day untill purple came on. At the end my mates Cortina was stuck and we had to push it up a hill as the wheels were just spinning on the wet grass. Then I woke up to find Paul driving round a roundabout the wrong way and had to stay awake untill we got back to Southampton to make sure he didn't do anything else strange. To crown it all I was off work for the whole of the week with a stinking cold
Lee Berry
Lee Berry (Posted 8 years ago)
I remember the rain, missing a couple of the bands thanks to the coach driver getting lost. The Scorpions were just awesome. I remember Meatloaf haqving his leg in plaster and Richie Blackmore wearing green wellies. Was last to get back to the coach as it had moved 2 miles from where we had been dropped off.
Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 8 years ago)
Hadn't Manowar beaten The Who to that oh so subtle and skilful accolade?!
Dean Page
Dean Page (Posted 8 years ago)
Memories of mud (not the band!) & rain! Was I right in thinking that Purple were to take back the record for the loudest gig that day (back from the Who) But they were stoped at the eleventh hour by the local coucil?
Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 8 years ago)
UFO also played along with Scorpions and Meat Loaf. UFO were ok but it was quite windy and when I COULD hear them (too quiet) the wind made them sound really weird! Pete Way wasn't in the band at this stage and it really wasn't the same. Love to Love was great though. Scorpions were very exciting, at their peak, played a set packed with great tunes and put on a great show. I couldn't wait for Meat Loaf to finish!
Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 8 years ago)
Purple kept us waiting for about 2 hours in the pouring rain! It was the first UK gig by 'Deep Purple' in 9 years and it was 12 years since this line up had played together.


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