Glenn Hughes - The Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton
(7th Jun 2009)



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An evening of Trapeze music
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The Robin 2
Bilston, Wolverhampton

Rich Ward
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Ross Black
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Debbie Bennett
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At That Gig Admin
At That Gig Admin (Posted 8 years ago)
There are some very exciting rumours surrounding Glenn's new 'supergroup'! Jimmy Page has said that he wants to get involved with live work again - imagine Page and Hughes together!
At That Gig Admin
At That Gig Admin (Posted 8 years ago)
New DVD coming very soon featuring both this gig and the one the previous night (see trailer video below)
At That Gig Admin
At That Gig Admin (Posted 8 years ago)
Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 8 years ago)
Glenn played the 'Black Beauty' Les Paul he was left by Mel Galley on 'Coast To Coast'. He put in some lovely fills and played with LOADS of feel.
Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 8 years ago)
SET LIST - 1. Way Back To The Bone, 2. Touch My Life, 3. Jury, 4. Keepin' Time, 5. Coast To Coast, 6. Seafull, 7. Good Love, 8. Your Love Is Alright, 9. Medusa, 10. You Are The Music . . . We're Just The Band. ENCORE - 11. Black Cloud
Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 8 years ago)
Brilliant night! Glenn is so friendly and accommodating to his fans. After giving it everything on stage for 2 hours he gave at least another 90 minutes seeing EVERY single person who wanted to meet him to have photos taken and sign CDs etc. A Glenn Hughes gig is so much more than just a gig.


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15th May 2009


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