UFO - The Assembly, Leamington Spa
(28th Apr 2010)



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The Assembly
Leamington Spa, England
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Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 7 years ago)
Ha XXL, great that you are getting the right size though mate and like you say it's good that they look after their fans - you're the lifeblood for bands like UFO and Saxon.
Philthy Phil Chapman
Philthy Phil Chapman (Posted 7 years ago)
27 "official" Saxon albums since 1979 including the live ones & the compilations............in my opinion Biff & the lads are at the top of their game now, well worth checking out live mate! By the way, I bought myself a long sleeved Teeshirt at the UFO gig & only noticed that it was a 2XL when I got home. Posted a humerous comment on their messageboard about using it as a festival tent & have already had a reply from Kate, their merchandise queen. They are sending me one in the correct size!! So nice to see a band who actually look after the fans (even old gits like me!!)
Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 7 years ago)
I've seen UFO with many line-ups from '84 and I reckon this one is up there. Obviously Schenker and Pete in their day would have been amazing to see (I'm a bit too young!) RE:Saxon - I guess they have had a few albums out now Phil (how many?) but not one of my faves.
Philthy Phil Chapman
Philthy Phil Chapman (Posted 7 years ago)
This was the seventh UFO gig I attended over the last 30 odd years & is certainly as good as I've ever seen them perform, though I have to say I've never known 'em be anything more than excellent! Ross, re the comment about back catalogues, the only band I can think of who might give UFO a run for their money is the mighty Saxon!
Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 7 years ago)
One thing I noticed for the 1st time - Not only does Paul Raymond play the guitar the wrong way round (!) he also has the strings the wrong way round too!! Like Doyle Bramhall II (who played with Roger Waters on the 'In The Flesh' tour), he does the same thing, it must be really difficult!!
Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 7 years ago)
Spike from The Quireboys was there with his gorgeous and very friendly girlfriend/wife. He came across as a nice guy - I had my pic taken with him but I look so bad on it - It's been deleted!!
Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 7 years ago)
Fantastic gig just like the one last year in Brighton. Unfortunately Pete Way wasn't back with the band but Barry Sparks is great cover - he plays the bass like a lead guitar in the same way John Entwistle did and uses his fingers, not a pick. Great set list but the 3 newer songs just don't stand up against the classic material but then just looking at that set list there's so many great, great songs on there! As I was watching I thought that UFO are pretty close to having the strongest back catalogue of any band (including Zeppelin) - who can think of a band with more classic songs? The band were having fun and so were everyone else - excellent venue too, I was on the 2nd row
Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 7 years ago)
Actual Set List - 1. Let It Roll, 2. Mother Mary, 3. Saving Me, 4. Out In The Street, 5. Stop Breaking Down, 6. This Kids, 7. Hell Driver, 8. Only You Can Rock Me, 9. Cherry, 10. Love To Love, 11. Ain't No Baby, 12. Too Hot To Handle, 13. Lights Out, 14. Doctor Doctor, Encores - 15. Rock Bottom, 16. Shoot Shoot
Ross Black
Ross Black (Posted 8 years ago)
I'm really hoping that Pete will be playing at this.


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